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About Us

We are a Top Rated Data Centre Solutions Provider • for 15 Consecutive Years, the UAE's Top Data Centre Solutions Provider!

  • Recognized as the Best Integrated Dehumidification (DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS) Company in the United Arab Emirates
  • Named by Certifications Body as a Top 5 DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS COMPANY OF THE YEAR
  • Recognized as Dubai's Best Power Solutions Provider

Who are We?

Contrl Technologies FZE (CtrlTech) provides datacenter and server room power, cooling, and monitoring systems. We supply and install Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Dehumidifiers, Precision Air Conditioners or Close Control Units (CCU) or Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC), Voltage Stabilizers or Voltage Regulators, Water leak detection systems, Static Transfer Switches (STS), Access flooring, Frequency Converters, FM200 fire suppression, and Humidifiers, among others.

We provide a turnkey solution for server room construction, from access flooring installation to server room air conditioning. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive selection of dehumidifiers, including portable dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, swimming pool dehumidifiers, and desiccant dehumidifiers.

We guarantee the greatest possible level of service to our customers. Ctrltech is committed to providing world-class infrastructure services, cost-effective solutions, and, most importantly, exceptional customer service that listens to clients.

We are the market leader in the UAE for DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS and have been for over a decade. Businesses that take the performance of their DATA CENTRE seriously use CtrlTech as their DATA CENTRE specialist. We have established ourselves as powerful DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS partners for prominent brands in the UAE and throughout the world.

Additionally, we are one of the major DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS firms in the UAE, employing over 100 individuals, 90 of whom are full-time DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS experts.

We have expertise across a range of DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS verticals, from Entry level DATA CENTRES to Large Enterprise DATA CENTRES, to meet the needs of every customer.

We place a premium on outcomes and are devoted to our clients' month-over-month growth.

Additionally, we are the most distinguished DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS COMPANY in the UAE, having won prestigious accolades for DATA CENTRE and POWER SOLUTIONS at a variety of industry events and conferences.

CtrlTech has also established a reputation as an industry thought leader, with several of our top executives chosen to speak at industry events and act as juries for industry awards.

The Characteristics of a Successful DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS Business

To Be Successful in Data Centre Solutions, a Business Must Exhibit the Following Characteristics:

  1. Exceptional Technical Knowledge in Data Centre Solutions, Power Solutions, and Air Control - As reputable DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS provider the company will establish the proper foundations for DATA CENTRES - by meticulously analysing the environment's flaws and strengths in accordance with industry standards and addressing those weaknesses.
  2. Consistently Improve Performance - Getting servers to the top performance unique techniques is a proven sign of a successful business.
  3. Be a reputable brand that evolves with the times - A Successful Data Centre Solutions Company Should Be Credible, Current, and Continually Evolving in Response to the Regular Updating of Technologies.
  4. Significant Industry Exposure - The top DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS agencies must have the appropriate partners and certifications in addition to substantial industry expertise and exposure.
  5. As the UAE's leading provider of DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS, CtrlTech exemplifies all of the above! We develop tailored plans for each of our clients in order to assist them in achieving their uptime objectives. We provide comprehensive services that include Power, Dehumidification, Air Control and other Data centre solutions like Leak Detection etc., Our 15-year run as market leaders and the outcomes we've achieved for our clients speak for themselves.

Control Technologies FZE

Control Technologies FZE (Ctrltech) offers Power, Cooling & Monitoring Solutions for Datacenter and Server Rooms.


Power, cooling, & Monitoring solution for server rooms.
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Devices for continuous, pure, safe, & stable power supplier for your loads.
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Dehumidification dryers for every application to reduce humidity.
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leak detection monitoring

Leak Detection

Solution to secure by monitor vital parameters of your facility 24x7.
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Why should you choose CtrlTech as your DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER in the United Arab Emirates?

The Leader In Data Centre Solutions In The United Arab Emirates

We are the preferred DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER for prominent brands in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the world. Many clients prefer to engage with us as their DATA CENTRE specialist, despite the fact that their current service providers firms provide similar services.

Expertise in DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS on a 360-degree basis

Welcome to CtrlTech

Expertise in DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS on a 360-degree basis

We have competence in all DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS verticals, including the following:

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Welcome to CtrlTech

Nothing, we feel, can be accomplished without determined effort. Rather than spreading our resources thin, we devote an entire team to each vertical of DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS.