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Commercial Dehumidifier

Best Commercial Dehumidifier.

CtrlTech – Your Exclusive Commercial Dehumidifier Partner.

Get a high-quality commercial-grade dehumidification system to control humidity for industry specialists. Buy a commercial dehumidifier with a massive discount on sale & rental.

Commercial dehumidifier

Choose Commercial Dehumidifier Specialists.

  • High quality commercial grade dehumidifiers that suitable for every application.
  • Offering products & service in all Middle Eastern countries from last one decade.
  • Award winning service after sale support.
  • Commercial dehumidifier ranging from 50 to 1200 liters per day capacity.

Dos and Don'ts for Finding the Best Commercial Dehumidifier

Commercial grade dehumidifier

It may be difficult to determine which model you need for your company with many options for commercial dehumidifiers on the market

If you plan a little and give a company with indoor environmental solutions and support some relevant information,

choosing the best industrial dehumidifier must not be difficult.

  1. DO determine how much space you should dehumidify.
  2. Do not forget square footage calculation.
  3. Check for mould, flood and other moisture damage to your company.
  4. Do not consider dehumidifier options which can not deal with a pool or spa if you operate like that.
  5. Do you speak with a renowned dehumidifier who offers a variety of options and support for commercial dehumidifiers.
  6. Do not underestimate your budget. Your budget.
  7. Figure out how your business is affected by humidity or temperature rules.
  8. Don't forget to see if you need options such as hardware and wheels or casters.
  9. DO determine whether a commercial pump dehumidifier is necessary.
  10. Don't plan to purchase an industrial dehumidifier without determining other possible flood sources or humidity in your company.


Want to have a dehumidifier, but are you worried about the cost? You definitely aren't alone. Because of monthly bills, many homeowners avoid dehumidifiers. But do you know how much a dehumidifier actually costs?

It depends on different factors, like size and type. Luckily, you can dehumidify your home without raising your bills in the sky.

The length of the dehumidifier depends on various factors, such as room size and humidity. New houses often show higher relative humidity, which means that the dehumidifier runs regularly for a long time.

The house should keep moisture between 40 and 60%, so mould and other bacteria are avoided. After moisture levels are less than 60%, you can try experimenting with different settings and times before you find out what is right for you.

You can run your dehumidifier continuously for 24 hours a day, but this will put a strain on the internal components. As a result, the dehumidifier's lifespan will be reduced, and you will need to replace it.

CtrlTech products are known to be the most reliable and always performing in the industry with over 30 years experience in the production and sale of dehumidifiers around the world to address the world' s most complex moisture / humidity control needs across diverse industries such as the pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, lithium-battery, defence, power, chemicals, electronics, leather and many more.

For Commercial Dehumidifiers, CtrlTech have various options when compared to other Dehumidifier suppliers and service providers.

You're constantly dehumidifying if you buy a dehumidifier that is wrong for your room. Be careful to trust what is recommended by the manufacturer as the correct room size. Dehumidifiers are often found that are announced in 3,000 or 4,000 square metres or more but you know the meaning.

Take care of mini dehumidifiers. It might be nice to purchase a dehumidifier which uses only a few dollars of energy each month, but you actually need to be aware of what you have and what your needs are.


Select the user manual or product specification and see what the number of cubic feet is per minute (cfm). This tells you that the dehumidifier's fan is powerful to move the air into a particular room. This is an airflow measure, in other words. If that is low, the deshumidifier can finally roll the air in the room, but do you really want it to roll all day?

When the cfm is higher, the less time it takes to dehumidify the air in the room. The time a dehumidifier can spend the air in a room per hour is ACH (air change rate). The ability to faster cycle air means that dehumidifier uses less energy and spends more time in idle mode.

Seek units in cubic feet per minute when looking at the airflow. The manufacturers sometimes use cubic metres per hour so that you can compare dehumidifiers correctly, you have to turn them into cubic feet per minute.

The level of moisture:

For the damp cellars and bathrooms, airflow is particularly important. A low ACH in combination with a damp cellar is a catastrophe on your energy account. The dehumidifier is always on!

Search for ACH rates of 3-4 in ordinary rooms, which means air cycles every 15 to 20 minutes once. For damp zones, see ACH levels of 5 or 6, that means the air cycles take 10 to 12 minutes every once in a while.

It is important, as you can say, to start moisture. It takes more time to take air from a moisture level of 90% to 50% than it takes from 65% to 50%. Recall, that this is most likely for a room that is only slightly dumped when the manufacturer recommends a dehumidifier to be used in a room of 500 square foot (4,000 cubic feet when the room ceils 8 feet).

If the room is extremely damp, a 14-pint dehumidifier capacity recommended for 1,000 m2 can only suddenly be used within 500 m2.


As the temperature in the environment becomes warmer, the dehumidifier works more efficient. This is something that manufacturers use unfortunately to demonstrate more efficiency in their dehumidifiers.

Most dehumidifiers are tested at a temperature slightly warmer than that of most people on the central thermostat.

Indeed, when it comes to dehumidifiers, the temperature in a room is even more important than the initial relative humidity (RH).

The dehumidifiers can be evaluated using the AHAM DH-1 standard, named after the body that defines them (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers). If the AHAM is being tested, dehumidifiers are testing for 60 percent and 80 oF in an enclosed area with relative humidity (RH).

The energy star criteria are also included in the DH-1 test, which generally considers the AHAM standard to be good. It is also volunteer so consumers consider it more transparent for manufacturers who subjected their dehumidifiers to AHAM tests. The problem, however, is that most homes are usually not maintained at 80oF.

Dehumidifiers are simple machines that can reduce humidity in any atmosphere in which it is placed. You can efficiently draw the air (which contains humidity) by forcing it into a condenser to turn this humidity into water droplets, which are then collected in a tank or drained into an external source. The damp, free air is released again into the atmosphere and the relative humidity level in the environment drops after the process has been repeated over time.

Many years have passed, and if you fall within this category, well, we will answer you. The question is how effective dehumidifiers have been.

Dehumidificator efficiency only depends on the type of unit, but generally the appropriate dehumidifier in the recommended space would reduce your moisture level effectively.

Some complained mainly that a dehumidifier's inefficacy and short life are the result of the incorrect use, while taking into account environmental factors such as temperature.

Commercial dehumidifier