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Our Esteemed Partners

Our Esteemed Partners

Dantherm Group

Dantherm Group

The Dantherm Group is a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of climate control equipment and systems. The group companies have over 60 years of expertise designing and manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient heating, cooling, drying, and ventilation equipment for a variety of mobile and stationary applications. Each year, Dantherm Group invests significant resources in product development in order to keep ahead of the competition and to adapt goods to changing market demands and legislation.

Aqualeak Water Leak Detection

Aqualeak is a market leader in water leak detection and prevention solutions based on flow and sensor technology. Their products and systems are placed in a variety of property types, including residential, commercial, and industrial, to safeguard against costly and disruptive water damage caused by burst or malfunctioning pipes. Additionally, Aqualeak provide oil leak detection, environmental monitoring alarm systems, and a variety of engineering services.
Microwell Wall mount dehumidifier

Microwell Wall Mount Dehumidifier

Microwell is the company's newest and fastest growing subsidiary, focusing on the design, manufacture, and distribution of dehumidification and heating system solutions. Microwell is a leader in pool dehumidification and heating solutions, having completed over 5000 successful projects ranging from pools to Jacuzzis, hot tubs, hotel & leisure centres, museums, galleries, medical facilities, coy fish and jellyfish tanks, wine cellar conditioning, and horse rehabilitating facilities.

Aerial Dehumidifier Germany

Aerial began in 1990 as a tiny but promising family business. It is currently a member of the Danthem group. Discover how and where it began, as well as the milestones that defined our company in recent years. For more than 30 years, AERIAL® has manufactured high-quality devices for air dehumidification and water damage drying.
Airedale Close Control Unit

Airedale Close Control Unit

At Airedale, air conditioning plays a key role in a world that is becoming increasingly linked. Additionally, Airedale are adamant that air conditioning equipment must play a responsible role in a period where sustainability is critical to the planet's preservation. Airedale provide full cooling solutions, including precision air conditioning, IT cooling systems, chillers, condensers/dry coolers, and air handling units, with over 45 years of experience.
Gtec singapore UPS

Gtec Singapore UPS

G-TEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Singapore. Its core business activities include the sale and service of UPS systems, stabilisers, frequency converters, and industrial and stationary batteries. Its team is made up of senior executives, project managers, and engineers with extensive UPS experience and knowledge, and it has been serving customers/business partners throughout Asia and the Middle East since then.
RLE Technologies USA

RLE Technologies USA

Starting in 1984, a small group of relatives and friends in La Mirada, California, had a huge idea: build and produce powerful, effective, and user-friendly environmental monitoring tools. From a garage shop to a leading provider of web-based monitoring solutions for mission-critical facilities, RLE has developed through hard work and innovation for over 30 years. Every one of our sensing cables, as well as a large majority of our core goods, is made in America. With all of our goods, we are happy to give individualised, educated assistance.

Lindner Raised Flooring

The Lindner Group is a market leader in the building envelope, interior fit-out, and insulation industries. For our customers, we advise, develop, manufacture, and implement products and projects ranging from single-trade jobs to complete solutions for new construction and renovations. All components utilised in the development and manufacture of Lindner fire prevention systems have been certified for their intended use and are applied in accordance with their applicable proof of appropriateness. Lindner collaborate closely with independent material testing institutions and the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) to create innovative technologies and project-specific special solutions for independent safety and fire tests.

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